Angie's Farewell

Our wonderful Social Activity Organiser, Angie, has moved on to a new job after almost three years with us. Here, Angie shares her story and says goodbye...
Angie Suarez 2

In February 2020, I joined Haringey Circle as a Project Officer. At that time, I had just graduated from university and wanted to join a project that could work to make the community stronger. I remember how excited I was. The idea of a project to create a social circle of friends over 50 was attractive to me as I have always believed that enjoying friendship and a good social life positively affects your well-being.
I knew I was facing a big challenge as I did not have previous experience working on a social project. Also, I only knew a little about Haringey apart from visiting a few times. It is fantastic to look back and realise how much I have learned and grown since I joined this project. I am happy to have dared to step out of my comfort zone. Now three years later, it's my turn to step out of my comfort zone again to join another project.
While at Haringey Circle, I experienced very challenging situations, such as the pandemic. We had to stay at home when, in fact, our project wanted to encourage you to do the opposite. It was a time of uncertainty and sadness. But I have seen how Haringey Circle has overcome the challenges of that time. Today we have a varied and dynamic community that is enjoying more and more social activities together.
When I changed my role to the Social Activity Organiser, I had the pleasure of getting to know you on a personal level, on walks, at lunches and even visiting some great museums. I have so many highlights - discovering the Spurs Stadium on tour, travelling outside London, and enjoying my first Pantomime performance of 'Mother Goose' at the Hackney Empire, to name but a few.
Now that it is my turn to say goodbye, I wish this community continues to grow. So I invite you to spread the word and invite more people to join this project.
I encourage you to join more activities to make the most of your Haringey Circle experience. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary at first, but it always brings great rewards.
I will never forget your kindness and passion for life.

Thank you for sharing that with me during this time together.
¡Qué nos volvamos a ver! (May we see each other again!)
With all my love,

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