Complaints about Haringey Circle

If you would like to make a complaint about Haringey Circle please read the information below.

Purpose and scope of this policy
Public Voice CIC, which runs and manages Haringey Circle, aims to provide a high quality service that meets the needs and expectations of local people and service users. However, we recognise that there may be occasions when local people, service users and those working with us feel that the quality or level of service provided falls short of what they could reasonably expect.

We monitor and evaluate our services and welcome feedback that contributes to the development and continual improvement of the Haringey Circle service.

We have developed this complaints procedure which enables users of our services, and those that could not access them, to let us know if they fall below their expectations and the reasons for this.

Procedure for dealing with complaints
If you are not happy with the Haringey Circle service, or the behaviour of our staff, representatives or volunteers, please tell us. If possible please make your complaint within three months of the date of the event that is the subject of the complaint.

There are three stages to the process:

  • Informal resolution
  • Formal complaint
  • Appeals process

If you have a concern we suggest that you contact the Director of Public Voice to discuss the issue. This will be a private discussion aimed at understanding and if possible resolving the issue at this stage. The discussion will be arranged for as soon as possible at a time convenient to both parties. We would aim to have the discussion within five working days of the concern being raised. If it helps the resolution the Director may suggest a meeting with other people concerned.

If your concerns cannot be resolved informally you may wish to make a formal complaint.

Formal written complaints
If you are not satisfied with the informal resolution process or if you wish to raise the matter more formally in the first instance please put your complaint in writing to the Director.

If you have raised the complaint through the informal process and now wish to pursue a formal written complaint you should normally do so within fifteen working days of the informal resolution process.

How Public Voice CIC will deal with your complaint about Haringey Circle
All written complaints will be logged with the Business Manager and kept confidential for monitoring purposes only. You will receive a written acknowledgment within five working days.

Public Voice CIC takes all complaints about Haringey Circle very seriously and will thoroughly investigate your complaint. Public Voice aims to give you a further detailed written response from the Director within fifteen working days, setting out how the problem has been or will be dealt with and any further action to be taken.

Appeals process
If after we have responded and you are still not satisfied with the outcome, please write to the Chair of Public Voice who will report the matter to the next Public Voice Board meeting at which the Directors will decide on any further steps required to resolve the situation fully.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, your appeal should be made within 15 working days of the Director informing you of the outcome of the complaint.

The appeal will only look at the information used for the original complaint. You will succeed on the appeal if there was:

  • A failure to follow the right process
  • A failure to take in to account some material matter available to them at the time
  • A recommendation which is not proportionate to the complaint.

We aim to provide a response to your appeal within 25 working days, subject to the scheduling of Public Voice Board meetings.

Complaints monitoring
All complaints, including those resolved informally and those subject to an appeal, will be reported to the Public Voice Board as a standing item on their agenda. Complaints will be used to identify opportunities to improve our services and to identify gaps in our services. 

Contact details


Telephone: 020 3196 1900


The Director,
Public Voice CIC, 
Tottenham Town Hall, 
Town Hall Approach Road, 
N15 4RX

Accessibility Statement
Public Voice CIC values equality of access. If you should need assistance to read and understand this procedure we can provide an accessible version or where possible a translated version. If it is not possible for you to put your complaint in writing, please contact the Director to discuss your access needs.